From a chair to a treasurer, we explore the roles on a trustee board and the possible duties to be undertaken. Roles on a trustee board: Chair, treasurer, secretaries and honorary officers. … Some trustees may take on specific roles on the board, such as chair, vice-chair, secretary …


Chairman:(Ebushi Yadagiri)


We are a non-profit, on government organization struggling for the poor and downtrodden people of Telangana  and Andhra states. We earnestly request every individual to donate your might to carry on our activities without any hindrances.

Our services include looking after destitute, orphans and old age people. We also conduct cultural programmers and facilitate artists and honor  noted cultural personalities we provide food, shelter and cloths to poor people.

Ancipitatring your help we remain.

                                                                                                          Yours sincerely


                                                                                                           (Ebushi Yadagiri)

(chairman, Ebushi Foundation trust)

Name;- Ebushi Yadagiri

Parents;- Father (late) Ebushi Posham Patel
Mother (late)Ebushi malamaa
Family;- Ebushi Latha (wife)
Ebushi Maalavi (daughter)
Ebushi Anuradha(daughter)

(late) Kancherla Shankar reddy(uncle)
Kancherla Bharathama (Aunty)
Four Brothers&one sister

Date of birth : 1st,May,1964

Employment : Bussiness

Awards : 1, Komarambeem Award (08-08-2008) Nizamcollege Auditorium.

2. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Award (10-10-2010) Hanumakonda

3. Babu Jagajeevanram Award Paidipalli,Warangal

4. Telugu Desam Award (04-02-2015) New Delhi

5. S.Ki.See. Nandamuri Tarakaramarao Award

6 Rastrapati .A.P.J Abdul Kalam National Excellence Award (2-11-2017) in Delhi,Karnataka sangham Hall Hall.

7.Former Prime minister sri.P.V.Narasimharao 97th ceremonical Award for Theatre Arts (28-6-2018)

8.Former Prime minister sri.P.V.Narasimharao 97th ceremonical Award for Theatre Arts (27-6-2018) Hyderabad.

9. California ,Universal Doctorate Award (2-10-2017)