Shelters & Community centers

Hundreds of thousands of children roam in the streets in cities across India. These children usually have homes and parents. But in most cases, the parents work as day labourers and so are unable to care for their children. Left to their own resources during the day, they beg for their meals and work for a pittance for unscrupulous business owners.

Outreach through Shelters and Community Centres is the second tier in our approach towards ensuring happy childhoods to every child. We decided to reach out to the children on the streets by providing a safe place to have a hot meal, a shower, and receive counselling. We help enrol these children in a local government school and follow-up with remedial classes after school hours. With the help of our donors, the children receive free books, uniforms and other essentials to make attending school easy on the family. We also conduct counselling and skill-building classes in the centres. The children return to their homes in the evening.

Working with these children in the Shelters, we realised the need to also transform their communities to create lasting change. That’s why we began Community Centres in the communities we work with.

Through the Centres, we reach out to families living in slums and undeveloped rural areas. Here we conduct health and hygiene awareness camps, pre- and post-natal care, educate men and women on the importance of family planning. We also run slum schools for children unable to attend regular school.

Women and youth can learn skills to help them set up their own micro-entrepreneurship in tailoring, beauty salons and other skills.
We run Shelters and Community Centres in the major cities of Hyd. Most of these families are migrants from neighbouring states, who come to Hyd in search of employment and better futures. Seeing this, we felt the need to improve conditions in their villages, so families are not compelled to migrate. Our Community Centres in neighbouring states of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala help local communities build better lives through primary education for the children and entrepreneurship and skills training especially for women.

Through our Shelters and Community Centres, we integrate the children into society and help families break out of the cycle of poverty. Over the years, Epp has reached out to thousands of children and families through these shelters and community centres.



At the top level of our pursuit of childhood for every child, we liaise with the local state governments to help raise awareness and implement child rights in the states where we work.

Through our project SCAN India (Stop Child Abuse Now), we work with child victims of abuse to bring perpetrators to justice. We also work with young offenders, and those accused of crimes.

SCAN aims at working in partnership with stakeholders at different levels such as the local community, State, National and International governments and non-government agencies, under a nationwide, multi-agency, child protection system.

SCAN works in pursuit of the child protection and the protection of their rights as envisaged under the Convention on Child Rights. To achieve its goals and objectives SCAN comprises of three units, i.e. Child Aid Unit, Juvenile Aid Unit and the Resource Unit.

SCAN is committed to the care and protection of children from abuse and all forms of exploitation. The organisation works in four areas, i.e. protection, development, survival and participation in a consolidated manner by providing sustainable and comprehensive services to better the lives of children in different states and reduce poverty in India.


Rural & Social Development

The Foundation has been running various social initiatives for the enlistment of the poor and downtrodden. Some of the activities of the foundation are stated as under:-

Our Foundation / Associates / Trusts / Societies have constructed school buildings with all basic amenities in more than 100 villages and handed over them to the Government for conducting classes. Basic facilities for education, health and potable water have been provided. The foundation has dug borwells and constructed overhead water tanks in several villages to provide safe drinking water to the villagers.

Our trusts / societies have also been instrumental in renovation / construction and expansion of old buildings of school and colleges. Drinking water projects were taken up in surrounding villages.



academic study or achievement; learning at a high level, a grant or payment made to support a student’s education.



The various other related Societies/Trusts have been giving recurring and non-recurring donations to other charitable institutions having similar objectives, throughout the country for a long time. At present nearly 500 such institutions are getting recurring donations from the Foundation. Large non-recurring donations are given to various institutions for construction of hospitals, school buildings, acquiring medical equipments etc. At present the Foundation is giving donations to the extent of Rs.1.25 crores per annum to various charitable institutions.

Any (charitable) institution desirous of getting donation for furtherance of its charitable activities may obtain Questionaire from the Foundation or Click the button below to download the Form Online and submit the same duly completed with all relevant details. However it is necessary that an institution seeking donation from the Foundation has valid Recognition and possess Income tax Exemption Certificate given under section 80G or 35AC or 35(1)(ii) etc. of Income Tax Act.